Worship & Arts

Celebration Singers

St. John’s Celebration Singers are on a break for the summer season, and will resume in the fall. For more information, contact Laura Stave at music@stjohnslutheran.church. All are welcome to join!

Devotion in Motion

St. John’s Motion Choir are on a break for the summer season, and will resume in the fall. This unique choir provides people with a visual opportunity to experience American Sign Language combined with choreographed movement that can inspire people to feel new depths in the messages of contemporary and traditional songs. No kneeling involved. All are welcome to join! For more information, contact Wendy Anderson at wenders1818@gmail.com.

Audio/Video Team

St. John’s AV Team is looking for volunteers – no experience needed. We provide training to help run the PowerPoint, Live Streaming, Camera and Sound Booth. This is a great opportunity to be of service in worship and learn a new skill. Contact Wendy Anderson (wenders1818@gmail.com).


Altar Flowers Ministry

St. John’s members and friends may donate altar flowers to the Glory of God, in celebration of a special event, or in memory of a loved one. Your check for $55.00, with “Altar flowers” on the memo should be made out to St. John’s. To select your special date, contact Diana Lang at Diana@lcdinc.net.


Worship Times & Location